Creating the Perfect Water Feature

Stunning water features and Lighting can transform your garden in to a tranquil retreat

Few additions to a landscaped garden are more spectacular and rewarding than that of a water garden or a stunning water feature. We can help you plan your water feature: choose from one of the many styles of pond available to suit the style of your garden. This may include a Waterfall or Fountain as well as decorative edgings in stone, paving, or a wall surround.

We can also create a unique water feature using pebbles, boulders or monolith stones and bespoke ceramic or stainless steel structures.

  • We can create attractive water gardens and stunning water features
  • Many styles of pond to suit your garden
  • Aquatic plants, shrubs, marine life, fish and lighting
  • Addition of waterfalls and fountains, with decorative edgings in stone, paving, or wall surround.
  • Classical, Ornamental and Contemporary Water Features include:
  • Pebble Pools, Bowls and Stones,
  • Boulders and Monolith Structures,
  • Bespoke ceramic or stainless steel structures,
  • Statues and ornamental sculptures.

A Selection of our Water Features

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More Garden Design Projects in our Portfolio

Photos of water features: Left to right from the top down – Fish pond with stone surround,  Monolith structures and water feature with pebble pond, Fully planted Devon Slate pond, Decorative planted pond, Marble spherical water feature, Stainless steel tubular water feature, 2 tier marble fountain, Wooden cylindrical water feature,  Standing stones water feature.