Water Features and Ponds

Few additions to a landscaped garden are more spectacular and rewarding than that of a water garden or a stunning water feature. Meticulously designed water features and lighting can transform your garden in to a tranquil retreat.

Shakespeare’s Water Features

Choose from the many style of pond

  • This may include a waterfall, a bridge or a fountain.

  • Decorative edgings in stone, paving, or a wall surround.

  • We can also introduce aquatic plants, shrubs, marine life and fish.
  • Advice and installation of lighting for your pond.

We create and install unique water features.

  • Pebble Pools, Bowls and Stones
  • Boulders and Monolith Structures
  • Bespoke ceramic or stainless steel structures
  • Statues and ornamental sculptures

Some of Our Classical, Ornamental and Contemporary Water Features

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Photos of water features: Left to right from the top down – Fish pond with stone surround,  Fully planted Devon Slate pond, Standing stones water feature, Monolith structures and water feature with pebble pond, Marble spherical water feature, Stainless steel tubular water feature, 2 tier marble fountain, Bespoke cylindrical water feature, Decorative ornamental pond.



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Full re-development of rear garden incorporates a ground level drainage system and a
magnificent abstract slate water feature with garden lighting.