Lawns, Raised Beds and Planting

What would our hard landscaping and bespoke garden design projects be worth without the addition of lawns, trees, flowers and shrubs? In addition to our design, installation and building projects, we offer an inspiring range of soft landscaping to enhance the plainest of gardens, layering all-year-round colour and beauty onto the structure we have created.

The Finishing Touches

We supply the best products to help achieve your vision

  • All grades of lawn turf laid to suit your requirements and lawns planted to enhance the best features of your garden.
  • Trees planted to provide a comforting surround, privacy, dappled shade or a central feature with or without an encirclement of stone or brick.
  • Raised flower beds filled with a selection of plants and shrubs.
  • We encourage climbing plants (such as clematis and honeysuckle) to grow over your timber trellis, arbours and arches.
  • We can create a shady terrace or transform your timber pergola into a tunnel of colourful flowers.
  • Wooden boxed flower beds and railway sleeper surrounds planted with tapestry of plants, including bulbs, perennials, herbaceous borders and decorative foliage.

  • Attractive hanging baskets and patio pots to give colour across the seasons.

“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.” Gertrude Jekyll, garden designer.

Examples of our lawns, raised beds and planting projects

Click the Images to open a Lightbox View: Left to right from the top down – Fully planted raised wall flower border and trellis; Fully planted patio garden; Tree planting and stone paving. Shaped timber raised borders, planted with summer flowers; rambling roses smother a timber pergola; Simple, raised timber flower border with a harmonious blend of colours.



Lawns, Raised Beds and Planting
Landscaping projects enhanced with grass, foliage and carefully chosen plants
Raised beds filled with a variety of shrubs, trees and flowers for seasonal beauty
in a variety of materials including brick, stone and timber